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Some news about the current activities of some BD artists plus an important teaser at the end.

Dominique Leroy at La Méridienne, Lunéville

Dominique Leroy is showing his poetic sonic installation Jardin nô at Theatre La Méridienne in Lunéville (near Nancy). First shown at the Galerie RDV in Nantes this installation refers to the traditional Japanese theatre. This kinetic garden is composed of interlacing vegetals and small mechanics on recycled hard disks that rub, scratch and hit to create a sound that reminds of insects. This sculpture is activated by a series of invisible interactions based on phenomena related to vibrations, acoustics and interconnections.

All elements of the exhibition are related and form a complex system – composed of conducting materials, sound flows and resonators. A microphone at the entrance of the gallery captures the sounds from the street which become a real activator of the sound installation.

Theatre La Méridienne
37 rue de Lorraine
54300 Lunéville

From 23 September to 3 November 2017
Free entrance during the opening hours of the theatre.

AnneMarie Maes at Tendencies #2, Bozar Brussels

AnneMarie Maes is currently taking part in several exhibitions. Her PH3 – Future Archeology installation is featured in the Tendencies #2 exhibition as part of the Bozar Electronic Arts Festival until 30 September.

The exhibition, which shows the work of six female artists, aims to place emphasis on works which question scientific and technological innovations as much as they incorporate them. It wants to open up the field of reflection relating to these links and highlight structural analogies between the creators of distinct and complementary fields.

This edition is organised in partnership with NOVA XX with Stéphanie Pécourt as curator – an international competition dedicated to technological, scientific and artistic innovation amongst women in the age of the Fourth industrial revolution – instigated by the Halles Saint-Géry/Brussels.

Bozar, Foyers
Rue Ravensteinstraat 23
1000 Brussels
Until 30 September 2017
Free entrance on Tue – Sun, 10 am – 6 pm / Thu, 10 am – 9 pm, closed on Monday

For all other current and upcoming exhibitions of AnneMarie Maes see

Peter Hulsmans at Studio Start

As part of the opening of a new complex of artist studios Peter Hulsmans shows new work in his studio in a renovated former Dominican monastery in Antwerp. The complex is will be housing up to 50 artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Studio Start, Ploegstraat 23, 2018 Antwerp
Thursday 21 September from 4pm

Rachel Ara at Victoria & Albert Museum

Big congratulations to Rachel Ara who starts a year-long residency at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London from October onwards. We look forward to the outcome of it.


And finally:

Crowdfunder? Saint-Nazaire?


 Alexandra Dementieva, Breathless, 2012

On the occasion of her exhibition 10 Installations at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Natasha Kurchanova conducted a long interview with Alexandra Dementieva for Studio International. You can find the interview here.

For her upcoming solo exhibition ’10 Installations’ at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Alexandra Dementieva brings together ten interactive installations.

Dementieva is both a cinephile and a voracious reader, with her interests ranging from classical prose to philosophical literature, from films by Alfred Hitchock, David Lynch, Roman Polansky, Andrei Tarkovsky to audacious psychological thrillers and unabashed horror films. Taking one of these source works as her starting point, she goes on to develop from it, in a typically-Russian maniacal manner, the key questions that were of such concern to Dostoevsky’s “Russian boys”: what is fear and what lies in its nature, both individual and social? Is there life outside the camera’s view and if so where do the saints go who fly away from the surface of the stained-glass window after having transformed into extraterrestrials? How does one gain insight into oneself just by taking a seat in a special brain-scanning object? Are your hidden thoughts as pure as you think and would the fulfilment of an innermost wish bring you happiness or would you suffer the same fate as Porcupine from Tarkovsky’s film, who wished to resuscitate his brother but gained untold wealth instead? These are the questions the artist subsequently visualizes in her own work, such as in ‘Monolith’ (2010), ‘The Unbearable Lightness’ (2009) and ‘Stalker’ (2006).

First of all Dementieva is an observer and an explorer of human reactions which she usually records and stores in the computer memory of her works. The viewer can however be assured that no one, except the artist herself in her laboratory, will ever see those who became frightened inside an installation, those who hysterically cackled or those who, as happens quite often, passionately kissed. Only in rare instances and if required as an aspect of the piece will this internal archive be presented to the public, for example in the interactive installation ‘The Mirror’s Memory’ (2003), in which the viewer, when looking into the ‘mirror’ of a screen, can discover at his or her side those who grimaced and danced in front of it several minutes ago.

It is easier to surmise the source material that inspired the artist, be it Woody Allen or Alfred Hitchcock, than to induce the distinguishing formal characteristics of her oeuvre. However, despite the visual variety of Dementieva’s works one can discern her signature. Almost always there is at the core of her installations an easily recognizable oeuvre of a cult film director from which Dementieva draws forth and brings to light a perennial question which is typically Russian, a potential answer to which can only be found with the viewer’s active involvement. One is however always given the choice to either let oneself be immersed into the space of offered experiences thus granting the installation a right to live, or to pass by leaving it inanimate, waiting for Godot … [Based on text by curator Elina Selina].

‘Alexandra Dementieva – 10 installations’ opens Wednesday 14th June at 7pm and runs until 20th August 2017 at the MMOMA – Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Petrovka Street 25
MOSCOW 199019

For more info see Cyland Media Art Laboratory

Work by Dementieva is currently also on show in Venice in the exhibition Hybris which still runs until 28th August.

Coinciding with the Venice Biennial Alexandra Dementieva will take part in the group exhibition Hybris – Monsters and Hybrids in Contemporary art, organised by MediaArtLab CYLAND.

The project in the exhibition halls of the library at Ca’ Foscari University, will showcase works of 19 artists from Italy, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and the US. The project’s theme contemplates one of the mechanisms underlying the functioning of culture – the connection of the unconnectable, the problem of the relations between “one’s own” and “someone else’s”, the blurring of the borders between well-established concepts.

Working on her favourite subject Dementieva presents the new multimedia installation Monolith 2, a combination and interpretation of Malevich’s Black Square or ‘great nothing’. She writes about it:

The black monolith is externalization. It is the process by which the “internal OBJECT” is projected at a certain object in the outside world. It is a different person that becomes this object. Furthermore, upon superimposition, the projection brings forth something that is doubled by the mutual action of each protagonist. And what if this “something” is our internal monster or a new creation — a hybrid to which one needs to get accustomed and which needs to be tamed.

Hybris opens Friday 12th May at 6pm and runs until 28th August

Tuesday – Saturday: 10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday – 3 PM to 8 PM

Media Preview: May 10, 11 at 11 AM

Cà Foscari Zattere, CULTURAL FLOW ZONE
Zattere, Dorsoduro 1392, 30123 Venezia
Boat stop: Zattere

Find more information here where you can also download the catalogue.

Also see the website of the Belgian Pavilion.



Work by Alexandra Dementieva can currently be seen at the 10 years anniversary of Cyfest in St Petersburg. Dementieva shows her impressive video installation ‘The Unbearable Lightness’ (2009) as part of the exhibition `Interpretations’.

From the press release:

In her grand-scale creations, Alexandra Dementieva works extensively and fruitfully with the theme of interactivity. Her impressive stained-glass window-installation “The Unbearable Lightness” plays with the contemporary person’s notions of a miracle. In the Belgian artist’s interpretation, a change in the classical world perception takes place inconspicuously and gradually, but its nature is drastic.

The show runs until 7 February 2017. More information can be found on the exhibitions website.

gubanova-550x366 Danae, installation by Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov

In association with the Museum Center of RGGU CYLAND MediaArtLab organizes a special international project at the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Held from September 18 through October 18, 2015 Urbi et Orbi (To the City and the World…) exhibition presents the works of Russian and South Korean artists.

The Russian part of Urbi et Orbi project is curated by Annushka Brochet, Nataliya Kamenetskaya, and CYLAND artists Alexandra Dementieva and Anna Frants. The exhibition will feature works made in CYLAND MediaArtLab by Ludmila Belova, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov, Alexey Grachev, Alexandra Dementieva, Victoria Ilyushkina, and Anna Frants.

More info on CYLAND.

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA takes part in FILE São Paulo 2015, the Electronic Language International Festival from 16 June until 16 August, with the installation ‘Breathless’.

A computer searches for all words related to the concept of fear and desire in the RSS and web feed. Each word found is printed on a LED display. The individual ribs surrounding the viewer in the two parts of the installation react to the data, lighting up in a movement from bottom to top as results render matches with the alternating words. The more hits, the more light is cast beyond the fleeting headlines and tendentious news trends while entranced viewers try to catch their breath within technological bodies.
The spectator can walk inside the actual cabin, where an airspeed sensor is located. When she/he blows on it, the pattern of illumination changes, and the words on display begin to fade, which makes room to a meaningless set of characters and letters. The simple act of breathing becomes visible and important as a symbolic resistance to the power of the mass media.

Find more info and a video of the installation here.


In this episode of the BBC radio programme Click Alexandra DEMENTIEVA, talks with Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson about her artwork Mirror’s Memory. In this installation she explores the link between representation and memory as mediated by new technology.  Visitors are invited to experience a reflected self at the will of a machine. Listen to the interview here.

The installation is part of the group show On My Way that runs in Venice until 5th July. More info:


Mirror's Memory
Alexandra DEMENTIEVA takes part in the group exhibition On My Way in Venice with her interactive video installation ‘Mirror’s Memory’ (2003). This installation explores the link between representation and memory as mediated by new technology inviting viewers to experience a reflected self at the will of a machine.

As a visual representation of the self, the screen presents itself to the viewer as a mirror of sorts, yet the relationship between the viewer and the mirror self is forever mediated by the computer that stands between the individual and her image. As the viewer steps toward the screen, her own image may be replaced by a residual recording of a past viewer or viewers, as the computer randomly projects mirror selves on the wall. As the projected image disappears and reappears at the will of the machine, the distance between the self and the image is reinforced and reexamined through the power of the gaze.

The exhibition opens today and runs until 5 July 2015 at Ca’ Foscari Zattere, Zattere, Dorsoduro 1392, 30123 Venice.

Open Monday – Saturday, 11 AM – 8 PM

universeAlexandra DEMENTIEVA

Another busy weekend for some BUREAU DOOVE artists!

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA is showing a short film during the film festival Rencontres (cinematographiqes) au sommet (1531m), in Verbier, Switzerland on Friday 1 May at 2pm. Find more info here.

Also from 1 May she will be showing a short movie during First Light, an Ottica TV Project for the International Year of Light 2015, which runs until 31 December. More info.

Stefaan QUIX will present his film installation ‘Licht und Blindheit’ for the second weekend during Sounding City, the international sound art festival currently taking place in Kortrijk, Belgium. More info.

And Mike BLOW will over the weekend take part in BEAM: Interactive Music curated by Brunel University at Parabola arts Centre during Cheltenham Jazz Festival. He will show two experimental compositional interfaces: Aeolus is an old wooden index card cabinet of which seemingly empty drawers each contain the sound of a different wind from a different place, to be opened individually or in any combination to compose with the wind recordings. Shadowplay is a display case with light sensors embedded into it, so that when participants pass the shadow of their hand over each sensor, a sound is emitted.  The pre-recorded samples are from the artists performing over the weekend during the jazz festival and allow the audience to create their own live mix of the musicians they are about to see. Find more info.