Rachel Ara is interested in the conspiracy of silence, hidden agendas and their repercussions, especially in terms of the normalisation of violence against women in our culture.

Her work starts with an initial concept that evolves through long periods of research and developmental processes; construction, deconstruction, intuition, experimentation even sporadic mishaps that require a hands-on approach. As she works she gains a deeper understanding of possible materials and methods which help to refine the idea.  Part of this process is prototyping each piece in the studio, by building maquettes, pilot tests or by computer based 3D Modelling (CAD).

Her desire is to make art that is driven by both a need to work with her hands and a need to question the world around her.

It is essential that the final piece is well executed and engaging. The finished piece should hopefully raise more questions than it answers and those questions should be questions that are worth asking.

More info on her website.