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The Instant Orchestra brings together musicians and non-musicians, music and non music. If you’ve ever wanted to play an instrument or sing then this is your chance. If you already play and sing then this is a performance of Handel’s Messiah as you’ve never played/sung/heard it before. Join the mighty Instant Orchestra of the experienced and totally inexperienced for one night only (no rehearsals needed).

On the one hand this mighty orchestra of the experienced and totally inexperienced will attempt parts of Handel’s score with flawless enthusiasm (including the Halleluja! chorus), conducted by Spencer Down of Docklands Sinfonia. On several other hands the music will include plenty of reinterpretation, including sheepish soundscapes, torchlight electronica, minimalism, motets, wind up gramophone DJing of 78’s of vintage Messiah performances, and a visual score based on the 2014/15 salaries of leading figures in the banking world.

Mike Blow will be one of the special guests.

Blackwell Hall, Weston Library , Oxford
Doors 7.45pm, performance 8.15pm
Free entrance.

More info here.