HANTU (Pascale Weber + Jean Delsaux)  will give a workshop on perception and visibility ‘To be present and to represent’ during the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space on Saturday 20 June from 9am-5pm.

De workshop discusses what we perceive of a body and what remains in our memory, how we distinguish the shape from the background, how presence is perceived and what we eliminate from our consciousness. What our eye perceives is just a part of reality, while a simple infra-red camera shows us a completely different scene. What we perceive can be shown in a completely different way by technology, but shamans and artists also develop particular ways of perception – elaborate procedures, rituals, techniques, methodologies, and practices that allows them to perceive the world around them and inside themselves with larger perspectives.
Info: http://www.pq.cz/en/program/spacelab-2015/workshops/media-technology