3D printed parts  Dan Declerck composition and photo                          © Remco Roes & Tom Lambeens, 2017

Convinced Doubts (Overtuigde Twijfel) exhibits the act of making and questions the act of exhibiting. While the artistic practices of Dan Declerck, Tom Lambeens and Remco Roes are very divergent, they all tackle the big constants of life, such as gravity, in a specific way, namely out of a state of ‘convinced doubt’.

Remco Roes attempts to defeat gravity, to order from chaos and to design from arbitrariness. Working with an arbitrary collection of materials he discovers patters in space. Objects thus become markings with which he signifies.

Opening Sunday 23 April at 3pm

Exhibition 23 April – 28 May 2017

Galerie PINSART – Genthof 21 – 8000 Bruges (B)

Fri-Sat-Sun 2-6pm

More info (in Dutch) here

Bureau Doove recently collaborated with Belgian artist Mira Sanders for the English subtitles of her movie on the impossibility to form an idea of limits. This movie is a fragment of her heterogeneous artistic practice which she calls Le journal d’un usager de l’espace (Journal of a usage of space) and which was examined as a PhD in the Arts at Netwerk Aalst, Belgium on the 10th of March 2017.

The focus in her work is on space that is at the same time geographic, sensorial and social. On the (im)possibility to form an idea of limits relies on the ‘act of drawing’ to explore, along the way, visual possibilities in order to appropriate limits in a place (or context) as objective matter into an artistic vocabulary. The exploratory and intuitive research forms images of a limit(s), a travel trajectory or trajectories, a time, a dimension(s) and places them in an artistic perspective. The research prefers to walk next to the landscaped paths to mark the volatile and mobile, fluid and invisible limits and declare them in a new pictorial territory. Images that emerged from intimate experiences along the way came to the fore step by step during the doctorate. They assumed the appearance of a reasoning or scenario or something linguistic – or all three concurrently. An index was used to gather images, actions and intentions along the way. This index serves as a means to be able to envision continuously a pictorial research (photos, drawings, models, installations, films and maps) and to explore it to its limits.

The work of Sanders, with its excessive layering and process-based approach, connects well to what Bureau Doove stands for and we are therefore currently looking at other modes of collaboration.

Visit her website here and find the movie here.

BUREAU DOOVE offers PR, consultancy, mentoring, copywriting, production, curatorial and research services to a selection of represented artists.

These services are also open to other individual artists or institutions on request.

Find more information here.

Bureau Doove is extremely happy to work again with Dominique Leroy after an interval of 12 years. We first collaborated for the Triennial Super! in Hasselt for which he developed the mobile sound project Dynamomap. Today Leroy is based in Nantes where he works amongst others in his mobile ‘caravan-lab’. His work is a subtle interplay between sound and vibrations of natural phenomena (weather data, natural cycles, bioacoustics …) DIY open source digital electronics (sensors and mini-computers, pure data patches, small speakers), recycled architecture and designs that stimulate communities to work together – often on open structures principles and with a tongue-in-cheek quality that is nevertheless serious.

We are currently developing projects based in Nantes and elsewhere.

In the meantime his exhibition Chèques vaca(n)ces still runs till 15th April in Galerie RDV in Nantes. For the exhibition Leroy has transformed the gallery space into a garden in which he has integrated so-called (n) works – a work in progress initiated in January 2015 by the artist duo Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot.

At the heart of the installation is the poetic sound installation Le jardin nô which invites for a walk and refers to the traditional Japanese theatre. This cinematic garden is composed of interlacing vegetals and small mechanics on recycled hard disks that rub, scratch and hit to create a sound that reminds of insects. This sculpture is activated by a series of invisible interactions on the basis of phenomena related to vibrations, acoustics and interconnections.

All elements of the exhibition are related and form a complex system – composed of conducting materials, sound flows and resonators. A microphone at the entrance of the gallery captures the sounds from the street which become a real activator of the sound installation.

More discreet the work I(n)terrupteur refers to a performance by Fluxus artist George Brecht. The out of order switch or ‘interrupteur) of the gallery points to the ‘First piano concerto’ of Brecht in which the artist opens the piano, raises his hand, the light is dimmed, he greets and leaves.

The title of the exhibition refers to the 500 copies of the Chèques vaca(n)ces or holiday cheques, which are recycled invitation cards to the exhibition that are numbered and signed by (n). They not only allow the visitor to speculate on the art market at a worth of 10 euros, but also to participate in Surf prescription(n), an outing in the Finistere area during a weekend in June 2017. Other than that the funds collected by selling the cheques are also used for the project vaca(n)ces en Californie (holiday in California). This will be a registration session of the gallery Sound Walk in Long Beach to present a next rendition of Le jardin nô and of the artistic project (n)A – nomadic Atelier – as part of HDTS (High Desert Test Sites) initiated by Andrea Zittel in the Yuca Valley desert and supported by the Eames Foundation.

Throughout the exhibition (n) as extract of its nomenclature thus “creates spaces of inventive openings”.

The exhibition is realised with help of SNhack, Jef Rolez and Kevin Cardesa. SNhack is a laboratory for the creation and realisation of open licence technical modules initiated by Jef Rolez.


RDV Galerie – 16 Alléee Commandant Charcot, 44000 Nantes

Wednesday – Saturday 2-7pm and on appointment


Making visible what is elusive, such as emotions and thoughts, is an important driver for Peter Hulsmans. This specific interest results in self-contained installations, sculptures and objects. Hulsmans often departs from personal experiences that are translated into a generally valid image. What remains are concrete objects and situations. This new reality comes alive through the interaction between viewer and objects and/or the situation at hand.

For ‘The Cage’, a large, high space at the heart of the main building of PXL-MAD School of Arts where he teaches, Hulsmans developed an installation with completely new work, called ‘Locale’.

From 27 April till 30 June 2017
Mon-Fri 9-6
PXL-MAD School of Arts (De Kooi)
Elfde Liniestraat 25
3500 Hasselt



Mike Blow is presenting three pieces at the Ashmolean this Friday, amongst others his new Piece Music Project commissioned by Oxford Contemporary Music (see picture under construction).

Oxford Contemporary Music takes over the Ashmolean! Experience sound on multiple levels of the museum and enjoy live music performances, sound installations, film, instrumental workshops, interactive talks and soundscapes.

Friday 3 March, 7–10.30 pm

Ashmolean Museum
Beaumont St

Tickets are £5 in advance, or £7 on the door if any remain.

You will need to select an entry time, either 7pm or 7.30pm.

More info here


Jim Poyner Photography, The York Photographer, www.jimpoyner.co.uk, AAP2016, Aesthetica Arts Prize, YMT, Setups,

Jim Poyner Photography, The York Photographer, http://www.jimpoyner.co.uk, AAP2016, Aesthetica Arts Prize, YMT, Setups,

Bureau Doove is happy to now also represent the exciting artist Rachel Ara who currently lives and works in London. In her work, Ara is specifically interested in the conspiracy of silence, hidden agendas and their repercussions, particularly the inequalities faced against women in our culture.

Ara won the 2016 Aesthetica Art Prize with her work This Much I’m Worth (pictured), “a self-evaluating artwork that continually displays its own sale value”. She was also shortlisted for The Lumen Prize 2016 Still Image with her work D.O.A.M IV (The Death of Ana Mendieta), a CAD rendering of the death scene of the artist Ana Mendieta.

Ara uses a range of materials according to each project, ranging from film, sculpture, paint and drawing to electronics, programming and CAD.

Visit her website here.


Rachel Ara is showing work in the upcoming exhibition Transgender, Gender & Psychoanalysis as part of the conference with the same title.

Private view: Sunday 5th March 4pm – 6:30pm
Show: 6th-12th March 2017

Location: Draper Hall, Hampton Street, London SE17 3AN.

The exhibition is open from 11am-6pm. More info on the conference here.


Jimena Kato is taking part in Backstage, a weekend of open studio’s in Madrid.

Open Friday 24 and Saturday 25 February 2017 from 17-21pm

San Marcelo 8, semi-basement at the corner
28017 Madrid
Metro El Carmen / La Elipa

More info (in Spanish) here

secret-thoughts-iza Sara Bomans, Secret Thoughts (2017)


Sara Bomans was selected to take part in the exhibition Living in Dreams, opening this Saturday at De Bond in Bruges (B). The group exhibition focusses on the interaction of imagination, dream and reality. Other artists on show are amongst others Kendell Geers, Heidi Voet and Bedwyr Williams.

The exhibition, made by guest curators Els Fiers and Frank Koolen, runs until Sunday 23 April 2017 and is open daily from 1-6pm, closed on Tuesdays.

De Bond, Buiten Smedenvest 1, 8000 Bruges
More information (in Dutch) here.




Work by Alexandra Dementieva can currently be seen at the 10 years anniversary of Cyfest in St Petersburg. Dementieva shows her impressive video installation ‘The Unbearable Lightness’ (2009) as part of the exhibition `Interpretations’.

From the press release:

In her grand-scale creations, Alexandra Dementieva works extensively and fruitfully with the theme of interactivity. Her impressive stained-glass window-installation “The Unbearable Lightness” plays with the contemporary person’s notions of a miracle. In the Belgian artist’s interpretation, a change in the classical world perception takes place inconspicuously and gradually, but its nature is drastic.

The show runs until 7 February 2017. More information can be found on the exhibitions website.