Have a look at the little video that Nathalie Hunter created specifically for our Crowdfunder and help us realise the set up of micro-residencies in Saint-Nazaire, France.

Nathalie Hunter is one of the earliest artists I have worked with over the years and we have always been great supporters of the idea of slow curating. It is great to see how this is becoming a wider concern, amongst others in this fascinating article by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez. The idea of the micro-residencies is developed very much in this same vein. As a curator I explicitly stepped out of the rat race to concentrate on my PhD research with Transtechnology Research. The micro-residencies follow directly out of this research and want to slowly develop and support in-depth collaborations with artists and scientists on the basis of conversations, walks, and sharing meals.

Find Nathalie’s video here and help us realise this dream project.



This Saturday Pascale Weber, of artist duo Hantu, will take part in Le Procès de la Fiction – a fictive proces on the border between fact and fiction. The proces is organised by the curatorial platform le peuple qui manque and is curated by Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quirós. Pascale Weber will be one of several people being ‘judged’ while Jacques Rancière will be potentially one of the witnesses and experts.

Saturday 7 October as part of the Nuit Blanche from 7pm until 2am.

Find more information here.

Salle du Conseil de Paris, Hôtel de Ville
Free ntrance via 5, rue Lobau, 75004 Paris

or follow via live streaming here


Please consider in the meantime supporting Bureau Doove in the set up of micro residencies and international art science projects in Saint-Nazaire, France via our Crowdfunder –
Bureau Doove Presents: The Move

Jimena Kato is currently taking part in the Artista X Artista residency in Havana, Cuba, organised in collaboration with program El Ranchito of Matadero in Madrid. She shares the residency with Tamara Arroyo. In the exhibition that opened the residency Jimena Kato “presents a work whose central core evolves around the performative possibilities of the sculptural and pictorial languages. Each exploration on matter is defined by the steps, processes, footprints and gestures developed in a concrete time and space. Time and movement become part of the piece itself.”

Artista X Artista
Calle 6 Nº. 702 e/ 7ma y 9na, Apto. 3, Miramar
La Habana, Cuba.
t: +537 8325952

Once its micro-residency in Saint-Nazaire is established Bureau Doove hopes to take part in international exchanges with other residency programmes around the world. Please support our Crowdfunder to make this possible.

As part of of the V&A’s Digital Design Weekend and her upcoming residency at the V&A, Rachel Ara will give a talk during the TECHnique event. Three artists from different fields will tell their stories, explain their choices and the lessons that they have learned. Together they will explore the impact that technology is having on the arts. The other artists are Nick Rothwell and Shelley James.

This event is part of the V&A’s Digital Design Weekend, bringing together artists, designers, engineers, technologists and the public to celebrate and share contemporary digital art and design. It is also a part of the London Design Festival, celebrating contemporary digital art and design.

The talks take place on Sunday 24th September from 12pm onwards – you can book tickets via Eventbrite.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road
View Map


Support our project Bureau Doove: The Move on Crowdfunder 

After three years of quiet development Bureau Doove is ready for a new adventure in Saint-Nazaire, France. Here we want to create new opportunities for artists and scientists by developing a micro residency in homely surroundings and international exchange program from end of 2017, beginning 2018 onwards. Home to Tati’s Mr Hulot, Saint-Nazaire is an important art and culture hub around art centers like LiFE and Grand Café, but also the University. With some contacts already in place Bureau Doove intends to connect to this exciting place that is full of potential. Close to Nantes with its own vivid art scene we will work around places like Lieu UniqueHangar à Bananes Galerie and Voyage à Nantes. Find more information on the attraction of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire here.

Your funds will help us make the move, set up the micro residency, and support the start-up and daily working of Bureau Doove in Saint-Nazaire. We will be initiating international projects for like-minded artists and scientists. The starting points for these projects are small, slow and precise, making sure the projects are well developed and responds to the needs of all involved. The residencies are built on the basis of conversation and collaboration where a slow, in-depth approach is again crucial. These will result in an online or physical presentations of art and text. The focus is on process and research to which we add a sense of playfulness and inventiveness. The residencies for one or two persons at the time offer the expertise of Edith Doove and a network of contacts in Saint-Nazaire and Nantes, but also wider afield.

Tati is our hero – our move to Saint-Nazaire is for a reason! (See Mr. Hulot’s artful take on tennis here)

Please find our Crowdfunder campaign HERE


Some news about the current activities of some BD artists plus an important teaser at the end.

Dominique Leroy at La Méridienne, Lunéville

Dominique Leroy is showing his poetic sonic installation Jardin nô at Theatre La Méridienne in Lunéville (near Nancy). First shown at the Galerie RDV in Nantes this installation refers to the traditional Japanese theatre. This kinetic garden is composed of interlacing vegetals and small mechanics on recycled hard disks that rub, scratch and hit to create a sound that reminds of insects. This sculpture is activated by a series of invisible interactions based on phenomena related to vibrations, acoustics and interconnections.

All elements of the exhibition are related and form a complex system – composed of conducting materials, sound flows and resonators. A microphone at the entrance of the gallery captures the sounds from the street which become a real activator of the sound installation.

Theatre La Méridienne
37 rue de Lorraine
54300 Lunéville

From 23 September to 3 November 2017
Free entrance during the opening hours of the theatre.

AnneMarie Maes at Tendencies #2, Bozar Brussels

AnneMarie Maes is currently taking part in several exhibitions. Her PH3 – Future Archeology installation is featured in the Tendencies #2 exhibition as part of the Bozar Electronic Arts Festival until 30 September.

The exhibition, which shows the work of six female artists, aims to place emphasis on works which question scientific and technological innovations as much as they incorporate them. It wants to open up the field of reflection relating to these links and highlight structural analogies between the creators of distinct and complementary fields.

This edition is organised in partnership with NOVA XX with Stéphanie Pécourt as curator – an international competition dedicated to technological, scientific and artistic innovation amongst women in the age of the Fourth industrial revolution – instigated by the Halles Saint-Géry/Brussels.

Bozar, Foyers
Rue Ravensteinstraat 23
1000 Brussels
Until 30 September 2017
Free entrance on Tue – Sun, 10 am – 6 pm / Thu, 10 am – 9 pm, closed on Monday

For all other current and upcoming exhibitions of AnneMarie Maes see http://annemariemaes.net/

Peter Hulsmans at Studio Start

As part of the opening of a new complex of artist studios Peter Hulsmans shows new work in his studio in a renovated former Dominican monastery in Antwerp. The complex is will be housing up to 50 artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Studio Start, Ploegstraat 23, 2018 Antwerp
Thursday 21 September from 4pm

Rachel Ara at Victoria & Albert Museum

Big congratulations to Rachel Ara who starts a year-long residency at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London from October onwards. We look forward to the outcome of it.


And finally:

Crowdfunder? Saint-Nazaire?

The exhibition Flags, Banners and Sensorial Skin by curator Darko Fritz reveals a part of AnneMarie Maes’ long-term research towards the ultimate Intelligent Guerilla Beehivea mobile shelter for homeless honeybees. This radically new device tackles a domain where human and non-human actors collaborate to maintain the resilience of an ecosystem in decline. The project unfolds on the interstices of art and science, with a focus on issues as sustainability, biodiversity and smart materials research.

In her Laboratory for Form and Matter, AnneMarie Maes works with a range of biotic and abiotic elements. She presents her lab as open environment for experimentation, a space for contradiction, criticism and evaluation. She combines organic components such as vegetal matter, propolis and chitine, with living systems such as fungi and bacteria. Her micro-organisms grow biofabrics, and she researches how these fabrics can be enhanced and made useful through embedded electronics and how more sensorial qualities can be implemented in these membranes via living technology.

Navigating between blueprints and Proof of Concept, her objects can be classified as Future Archaeology: fragments of a Forgotten World as well as fragments of a World To Come.

The exhibition opens tonight at 9pm and runs until 31 August

Siva Zona / Grey Area Gallery
Kovački prolaz 2 . Korčula . Croatia

More info here

After a successful showing of Colony – the extended version of POD – at bluedot festival, this interactive sound installation by Alison Ballard & Mike Blow is shown at this year’s version of Kendal Calling. More pics to follow but here’s Colony at bluedot.

Produced by Hogarth Productions. Co-commissioned by Hogarth Productions and Oxford Contemporary Music with funding from Arts Council England and Reading Borough Council.

Bureau Doove is happy to announce it is now working with Neil Wood.

Wood was born in London and has lived and worked in Brussels and Paris since 1995. His work is an intriguing mixture of short stories, poetry, sound performance, film and photography; tied together with essential common elements such as the typeface Helvetica Neue 77 Bold Condensed and narrative themes and ideas about identity, presence, surface, material symbolism, timelines, memory, cause & effect, sound, rhyme.

Wood recently completed a commission for the Paris Metro (RATP) – a 50 metre mural installation named ‘Eh Toi Là, Attrape Ton Étoile’ located at the Charles de Gaulle Étoile hub station. It is made up of networks of printed colourful dots against a black curved background inspired by the nightlife and lights around the Champs-Elysées. Available text (in French) on the project here

In contrast, but in a similar poetic vein, Wood’s KILLER WRAPS® NOTEBOOKS are both useful and poetic objects that are one step on from the earlier KILLER WRAPS prints and volumes or sculptural forms in which new words are created by associating different colours. The notebooks attempt to find a place in between gallery and bookshop in their hybridity and are currently on sale at the Marianne Goodman Gallery Shop, 79 rue du Temple, Paris 3eme.


 Alexandra Dementieva, Breathless, 2012

On the occasion of her exhibition 10 Installations at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Natasha Kurchanova conducted a long interview with Alexandra Dementieva for Studio International. You can find the interview here.